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Brand Adjectives

The Actor's Social, aka Terryn is a social media manager focusing on actors that have their own businesses in between acting jobs. The Actor's Social came to me looking for a brand suite that would attract young female actors between the ages of 22-32 that want more in between acting gigs, they want their own business. She really wanted a modern old Hollywood vibe and with strategic font choices and color pallets, I believe we achieved just that!

Social Media Manager

Social Media MGR

Excitement, Success, Joy, Passion, Dream, Creativity, Community, Peace

Moodboard & Color Pallet

Kind Words

"I hired Tati to help with my company’s branding. She did an amazing job. The process was simple, only requiring a couple hours of my time. But what she did with the information I gave her was better than I imagined! I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with her! She is kind, knowledgeable, and her designs are so beautiful!"                                                      -Terryn

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