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Brand Adjectives

Byte Burger is the newest (and coolest!) barcade in town!  The goal of this brand was to be fun and nostalgic but still appealing to younger bar-goers. This brand was cooked up from my love of burgers, video games, and good times with my friends. This project also features one of my latest offerings - a one-page website built in one day! You read that right, I made this entire website in one day! 🤯 What do you think, would you go to this barcarde? Let me know!

Think this brand fits your business? It's up for grabs! Email me at to inquire about purchasing!

Barcade (Burger Bar & Arcade )

Retro, trendy, fun, nostalgic

The Whole Enchilada

Mood Board & Color Palette
Logo Suite (main, alternate, sub-mark, and favicon
Font System (Title, Subtitle, and body)
Supporting Elements & Icons
Brand Pattern
Menu Design
One-Page Website Built in One Day

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Packaging & Merch

Website Preview

Website Preview

Developed using ShowIt, built in ONE DAY

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