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My Custom Process

My process is a lot like pizza: it’s best served hot. Everything about what I do is customized specifically to you and your brand. But first, we do dinner. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)






And now for the entree

More bread, please

Dessert, anyone?

In this stage, we get to know each other. I want to know how your brand has evolved over the years. I want to know where you began and where you are now. I’ll also bring along my trusty questionnaire for you to fill out, plus the mood board on Pinterest we’ll be collaborating on.

The main event is, of course, the creation process. And I couldn’t do what I love to do without your feedback. We’ll collaborate on ideas and anything you’d like me to tweak before we move forward. I want to make sure your brand is a perfect fit for you and your business!

And ta-da! It’s time to dig in. This is the best part of our time with each other: the time where we roll out the red carpet and give you your moment to shine alongside your new design. After all, who doesn’t love a fresh new look?

And now we move onto the therapy part of the evening. (Yes, I’ll gladly take your brand to therapy, especially over breadsticks!) What do you want your brand to do for you? Where is it succeeding as-is? Where could it use some sprucing? What are your initial thoughts? Tell me all the deets!

Corky Creative Co. provides different levels of brand identities to suit all businesses needs. From big to small, we've got a seat reserved for you.

Not just branding. Not just a website. That's right, it's the WHOLE enchilada!

Everything you'll need to get your business started

Logo Suite
Brand Colors & Fonts
Menu/Service Guide Design
Mobile Friendly Website

Total investment starts at $997

Total investment starts at $2997

Main Logo & Submark
Color Pallet
Font System

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The Appetizer

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The Whole Enchilada

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The Receipts

"I decided to hire Tatiana through a recommendation from my fiancé, after some messaging back and forth and sending her some of my ideas she was able to really bring my ideas to life! I am so happy with the mockups, color schemes, social media, the website even caused me to tear up seeing my dream finally become a reality. I would highly suggest using Corky Creative co. If you are wanting to take your business to the next level! Tatiana is thorough and efficient I was able to see my dreams realized so quickly and beautifully. This total experience has been overwhelmingly amazing! Thank You!"
-Chef Henry Wesley III

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"Corky Creative reimagined my website in the way I dreamed it could be! I appreciated the collaboration and communication throughout the project. It was well worth the investment, and I'm completely satisfied with the results. Hire Corky Creative today!"
-Heidi Gunderson, Nutritionist at Pro Nutrition Solutions

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Tati was absolutely amazing to work with! She’s incredibly talented and creative. It was such a fun experience to work with Tati on my website and she truly delivered. She listened and wanted to make sure I loved every aspect of the design from start to finish. Her attention to detail is incredible, she has a great response time and every single part of the process was flawless. I’d recommend Tati to everyone!
-Virtual Bungalow aka Gabi G.

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"Tatiana provided everything I needed with a website developer, and more. I wanted a user-friendly ordering system for my customers, and she did just that, while matching and improving my website's branding and flow. She took the time to understand exactly what I needed, as well as identified weak points that weren't apparent to me. I cannot recommend her enough for her education, talent, and care for her clients."
-Abigail Mattingly-McGreevy

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The Whole Enchilada: Chef Wesley Gourmet

The Appetizer: Kindly Coffee

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