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Chef Wesley Gourmet aims to provide high quality gourmet sauces, spices, and goods. The founder's late dad came up with the phrase,  "Chef Wesley Gourmet" when he was a child. His father would always scream "the gourmet" in a quirky tone when cooking. He himself was a self taught home cook at the age of 25 with 4 sisters and was never allowed into the kitchen with his dirty shoes and slacks. This is about paying honor to the founder's father and using those culinary skills to bring specialty gourmet products to people who want to spice up their cooking skills or add a little something special!

 Organic Hot Sauce

Gourmet, Love, Passion, Delicious, Local, Unique

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"I decided to hire Tatiana through a recommendation from my fiancé, after some messaging back and forth and sending her some of my ideas she was able to really bring my ideas to life! I am so happy with the mockups, color schemes, social media, the website even caused me to tear up seeing my dream finally become a reality. I would highly suggest using Corky Creative co. If you are wanting to take your business to the next level! Tatiana is thorough and efficient I was able to see my dreams realized so quickly and beautifully. This total experience has been overwhelmingly amazing! Thank You!"

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